Important Notice Madrid 360

Important Notice Madrid 360

Dear guests,

As you may know from the month of November of 2018 there are some traffic restrictions in the area called “Madrid 360” where the hotel is situated. Here we send you some information which can be useful:

  • The only cars which are going to be allowed to enter to the area of the hotel are the ones with the environmental emblem from B forward
  • The cars with B and C emblems can entry in the area but mandatorily they have to park in one of the car park of the area. In case of going out from this area without park in a car park you will be fined
  • The cars with E emblem (eco) can access to the area and park paying the SER rate for a maximum of two hours, then they have to go to a car park or go out of the area.
  • The cars 0 emissions can came in and park without time limit paying the SER rate.

Next you can find information about the different car parks that you can find around the hotel:

  • Parking of Mercado de San Antón. This parking is in 27th Libertad Street. Our hotel has an agreement with this one, the cost is 20€ per 24 hours, in case you want to move the car during your stay the cost will be 24€ per day.
  • Parking of Plaza del Rey. This parking is situated in Rey Square (Plaza del Rey). The hotel does not have agreement with this one and the cost for the 24 hours is around 32€
  • Parking of Plaza de Pedro Cerolo. This one is in Pedro Cerolo Square (Plaza de Pedro Cerolo). The hotel does not have agreement with this parking and the price for the 24 hours is 28€
  • Parking Credesa. It is situated in 41st San Marcos Street and you can also access from 32nd Augusto Figueroa Street. With this parking the hotel does not have agreement and the price is more or less 30€ for 24 hours

If you have any other question do not hesitate to contact us +34 91 521 66 88.

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