Hotel infantas by Mij

Hotel infantas by Mij

Protected cardiac space

According to data from the Spanish Heart Foundation, in Spain there are around 30,000 sudden deaths per year and a high percentage of them could have been avoided by having a defibrillator nearby. Hotel Infantas by Mij has an AED and staff trained in its use to ensure the well-being and safety of all our guests, visitors and employees.

Hotel Infantas by Mij offers a Hospitality service with Quirónsalud

As a courtesy of Hotel Infantas by Mij and thanks to the agreement reached with Quirónsalud, we offer our international clients a free medical care service so that they can travel safely.

Content Blocks

  • Telematic medical attention, in person and transfer to the hospital at no cost.
  • At no cost to the Hotel Infantas by Mij customer.
  • Multilingual service. Elimination of language barriers.
  • Bureaucratic management of procedures with insurance companies.
  • 24/7 service.
  • VIP protocol. Premium services

Phone number: 901 123 456

At Hotel Infantas by Mij, we care very much about our clients and workers, that is why we have implemented several measures and work protocols so that your stay at our hotel is completely pleasant and our workers are calm while performing their duties. Below we detail some of those measures.

  General Protocols

  • Daily cleaning and sterilization of entire rooms
  • Room keys
  • The mask and social distance are mandatory.
  • Knobs and switches
  • Doors and knobs
  • Continuous cleaning and sterilization of common areas with special attention to those with the greatest attendance.
  • Continuous ventilation of common areas
  • Frequent change and cleaning of ventilation filters
  • Sanitizing Solution Dispensers
  • Separation screens at the Reception
  • Safety signs and recommendations
  • Carpet for disinfecting shoes and luggage wheels

  Guests protocols

  • Mandatory use of a mask
  • Disinfection of shoes and luggage upon entering
  • Hand disinfection with sanitizing solution
  • Use of the elevator: maximum 1 person, except if you share a room or if you are from the same family unit.
  • Card payment recommendation

  Employees protocols

  • Trained and informed in hygiene, safety and cleaning
  • Mandatory use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Daily washing of uniforms at 60ºC
  • Daily health check

  Restoration Protocols

  • Breakfast will be served keep safe distances
  • The minibar will remain empty but switched on so that they can use it if they need it
  • The rest of the restaurant services will be closed for the moment.
  • Capacity control to avoid crowds

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